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Posted by myviewbydr on January 25, 2017

Download and share this beautiful Wallpaper for your mobile, because is all about positive energies… I love me…

Download Here/ Descarga aquí (47 downloads)



Download Purple version (92 downloads)    Download Pink version (88 downloads)



Download Purple version (92 downloads)    Download Pink version (88 downloads)


Hello!, Im new in the Hand-lettering world, and im so happy to say I’ve just created a UNIQUE typography using some tips Im learning from an expert, who hast been such an inspiration for me.

To celebrate this wonderful achievement I would like to share with you a cute reminder of my favorite season SUMMER! I just made this Hand-lettering typography using brushes and ink. This process need a lot of practice and Im sure i will get better!!!

If you like it, download the images and set it up as a wallpaper  for your phone 🙂

Hope you like it 🙂

Loving this beautiful wallpaper I’ve designed! Inspired in VENEZUELA (My home country)

Please download! Descarga gratis este bello fondo de pantalla, inspirado en nuestra Venezuela 🙂

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So, for today, I’ve hand-designed a peaceful wallpaper for your smartphone..

Download and Enjoy. (119 downloads)




It’s an incredible experience to see things in different perspective.

Seasons, they may just be a description of the period we are currently living, a name someone gave to pile months together in a same category, but it is actually something deeper than that, is the personality, feeling, emotion, and character each season reflects. We can be easily attracted to one season, but reflect another one totally different by acknowledging the main characteristics each season have within us. It all begins with colors and how these colors are arranged in a way they can describe the season and a personality as well. These past days I’ve learned which season best describes me, but most important the season that best describes my business. Why is this important? More than what I ever thought. Giving personality to a brand, learning the aesthetics and “shape” of a business and recognizing its season will enable you to understand the meaning of your branding; it’s key to develop a rich and unique identity which will “compel people to buy into you and importantly, buy from you”. (Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist www.thebrand-stylist.com).

I’ve always been a color-lover and I now understand how much colour-psychology will help style brands with structure and character, which will “feel as good as they look”. (F.H)

Thank you so much to a person I admire that has been an inspiration to me, not only because she is a very successful entrepreneur-business woman, but because she shared with many aspiring-business-entrepreneur-women/men a lot of invaluable knowledge which will help us grow and deliver quality, unique and long lasting work. Fiona Humberstone www.fionahumberstone.com

I shared an incredible experience with a group of talented people from all over the world, from Uruguay to Canada to Spain all the way to Venezuela where I’m from, and even though we are from different regions we share a lot of the same concerns and aspirations. Thank you all for an invaluable experience.

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Click Here to download:   DOWNLOAD APRIL CALENDAR (129 downloads)



For this starting month and spring season, I am sharing this printable Calendar.

Just download the file and print it! Super easy!

I am all about organization and planning, so I am a fan of Calendars, Agendas, Planners, etc… I think they keep you on track and It is also fun to mark important things you want to remember.

I will be sharing a different Design every month, so feel free to check my blog the 1st of every month to download and print.

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One of my favorite things to do, when it comes to design is please my clients and make them been as happy as I am with the results of my work.
Sometimes it gets a little bit harder to be on the same page as your client.
Sometimes you have to improvise, sometimes you need to convince them that this is the best option, and sometimes you will just do what they want giving the best option you can.
For this particular job, my clients were my friends, they totally trusted me, and since is one of my best friend in the world who is getting married to the love of her live (who I also consider my friend) I put much more effort and the results came out pretty good.
I always love the quote “it is all about the details”
Even the smallest things could bring lot of joy, and this is an example, my friends were super happy with the results, and I am more than happy to have helped.

These “save the date” were sent by email, to let people know the place and the date of the event; but we will also use the printed version to send it to some guests through regular mail.

This is a way to save money and time, having the digital version which you could also send by message, and just print a few.

Hope you like it 🙂

Logo Collection

Posted by myviewbydr on March 23, 2016


Check out my new Logo Collection on the Portfolio.

One of the things I enjoy the most as a Graphic Designer, is creating a brand from scratch. Is very satisfied see how clients come with one idea and I listen to their opinion so I can transfer those opinions into reality, at the same time giving my point of view and vision.

Creating a logo is one of the most amazing things, you just get lost in the moment and let the “Muse” do the job.

What i like the most is listening to the music i love, much of the time I listen to artist like Amy Winehouse, Etta James.. etc all this soul music give me lots of inspiations.

Please let me know what you think about the logos, ill really appreciate your comments.


Dasha Pirela, she is a GIRLBOSS wanting to expand her brand she decided to create a new branding for her company, its all about style and image.

She is an image consultant- I tried to make the branding as chic and elegant as she wanted to be.


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