At MyView we believe great design is driven by soul and passion!

MyView is a creative design studio specializing in branding and business collateral with a creative edge. At the heart of MyView is the client, where each voice and idea matters most. By listening to each design need and thoroughly understanding every brand we interact with, we are able to combine our fresh prospective and creative approach with the client’s desires to deliver outstanding design solutions.

We listen and collaborate to combine our “view” with your brands story to push the edge of creativity and position your brand at the top of its industry!


Daniella Rondon

Hola!! I’m Daniella creative director and consultant with experience in conceptual design, print collateral, social media styling, and more. From working in several marketing agency settings and gaining hands on skills, I have achieved over 10 years of experience in the design and branding industry. I now own and spearhead the creative projects of MyView by DR which is based in Miami, Florida where I am currently accepting new clientele.


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More than a design studio! We envision, establish, and execute carefully curated projects!
— Daniella ROndon


Brand   Styling

At MyView, we believe a brand is a promise. It is an asset that connects you with your most desired customer and visually ties your story into every grain of your company. We help to style, mold, and shape what your clients and consumers perceive about your business through emotionally connected designs and concepts that suit your brands vision.


Print and Communication

In hand, over the web, or in digital transit! At MyView we believe that your print and communication products should always be eye-catching and well-designed. Our professional printing and communication designs will bring your brand full circle with aesthetics that speak for your business visually and communicate well beyond the product, straight to the world. 


Web  Design

Make them fall in love, and keep them coming back! A website should always be memorable, enticing, and easy for your consumers to navigate. At the top of any brands priority list should be a website that delivers mobile, digital, and desktop versatility. Each website we design is 100% responsive, easy-to-read, easy to navigate, and requires minimal scrolling. MyView strives to deliver the best websites in any market that are compatible across a wide range of devices while standing out amongst its competitors.