Does it happen to you, that you feel like you want a change? a change in your life, a new beginning? and most of the time you are looking around and outside to find that "CHANGE"?

And what it really means is that you need to change from within... from inside to be reflected on the outside, look inside yourself and find that passion, that movement that you want to make REAL, and work on it!

I just read something today that really impacted me, and i would like to share with you...

From the #YouAreABadAss book...

"If you want to take control of your life and turn it into something... spectacularly "you", stop at  nothing. Have faith. Trust your new life is already here and is far better than the old. Hang tight if the Big Snooze (ego) pitches a fit. Whatever happens, stay the course, because there's nothing cooler than watching perfect expression of you." 

Hope you like it!

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