☾ just wanted to share some work in progress for a super cool new brand I’m working with.... .
People always ask me where do I get these mockups from.

I’m always looking for good mockups all the time!

I would usually look it up on Creative Market, I also find a lot good ones on Behance, Graphic Burger is another great FREE mock-up website that you can try! Or you can also always do a Google Search. .
In this case, I did not use any pre made mock-up, I did this composition myself to show a client the concept for their new brand.
Basically what I did what just repeat the same base shape (business card size) I added some texture to make the “paper” look a little more realistic, placed the design carefully making sure all the textures and effects look as real as posible.
At the end of the day is all about composition, white space balance, right amount of texture use, the most realistic shadows and that’s it!
Hope this help